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Tito Rojas y José Alberto

El Gallo Salsero y El Canario”

Tito Rojas and José Alberto sing with energy and authenticity, New York style, romantic salsa. Live or recorded, it doesn’t get any better.
If you are a true fan of El Gallo and El Canario, this is the show to be present!

Tito Rojas a.k.a. “El Gallo Salsero” was born and raised in the town of Humacao, Puerto Rico. El Gallo Salsero has over 40 Years of music in concert! Tito will take you for a ride with a special selection of songs from his long hit list, that will bring you back great memorable moments, for a fantastic day of good salsa.

José AlbertoEl Canario” is a Dominican salsa singer celebrates over 39 years in the music industry, and his exceptional whistling abilities (being able to improvise as if he was playing a traverse flute) led them to give him the nickname El Canario (The Canary). El Canario has enjoyed success in the United States and Europe, but especially throughout Latin America, including in his native Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, and Ecuador.

Special Guests*

  • Phil Robinson y Orquesta Sonora Pa Gosa
  • La Charanga Cubana
  • MC Phil Robinson
  • DJ Rumbero y mas …

*Line up is always subject to change without notice

Listen to 31 minutes of a special Los Angeles Puerto Rican Festival Mix of El Gallo Salsero y El Canario by The Shadow a.k.a “El Salvaje de la Jungla”

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General Admission

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Mar 1 – Jun 9 (Online Closes @ 1 pm)

$35 – General
$70 – VIP*

Jun 10 (Door Ticket Prices)

$45 – General

$80 – VIP*

*VIP Ticket Includes – Access to Backstage, Tables with Chairs and Umbrellas, separate Bar and Restrooms


  1. Online tickets will NOT be mailed out
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Seniors & Children Admission

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62 & Up (Senior)


11 – 14 (Children)


10 & Under (Children)


Great Outdoor Location

“Easy access with beautiful scenery! – Pepa R.

Rainbow Lagoon Park


  • There is a $12 fee for offsite (across the street) parking
  • Fiestalegre Promotions, Inc. (we) reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. If removal from the event is necessary we do not hold any responsibility of reimbursement


All persons and items are searched prior to entering the event.

NOT Permitted
No Alcohol
No BBQ’s
No Re-Entry
No Pets
No Canopies
No Bare Chest
No Glass Containers
No Unsealed Beverages
Ice Chest
Small Beach Umbrellas


We are a family owned business that prides itself on having the best Latin artists at our festivals.
No fillers or gimmicks!

Welcome to Fiestalegre Promotions, Inc.

Fiestalegre Promotions, Inc. presents Los Angeles’s first official site of el “Dia de San Juan Festival” and “Festival Puertoriqueño” both known as the Puerto Rican (PR) Festival.

For those of you who have visited with us throughout the years, we once again look forward to treating you to new venues and special events that will guarantee you the best entertainment for your listening and dancing pleasure. For those who are new to our website, please read on and learn more about what we do.

About the Company

Displays the crowd at el Dia de San Juan Festival also known as the Puerto Rican FestivalFiestalegre Promotions, Inc. is a family run business that dedicates itself to promoting family-oriented cultural events for people of all ages. Our commitment is to create an environment where young people will become more educated about their culture, thereby having a better appreciation of their Latino heritage. This is accomplished by providing a variety of musical entertainment, both modern and traditional, which allows people from all parts of the Latin world to come together as one community. We have drawn larger crowds throughout the years, not only because of the popularity of our event, but also because many patrons have used the Dia de San Juan Festival as the event to bring families together from all parts of the world.

Fiestalegre is a company dedicated to giving back to the community through its events. In the past, the company has raised enough money to grant college scholarships to underprivileged students. We also sponsored a “backpack drive” for the Boys and Girls Club in the City of Buena Park. During our “off season”, we have donated funds for charitable causes such as Hurricane Katrina, and have contributed our time and effort throughout the year to participate in non-profit events, such as the “Soup Kitchen” and “Toys for Tots”.

In short, we are a company which believes that sharing is caring, especially when done for the greater good.

Please contact us to obtain further information on our schedule of events for the upcoming year.